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Having any issues with BADASS TENNIS? Then this is the page for you! Here are some frequent issues and questions you may have with the app. If you don’t see your question or issue listed here, feel free to contact me!

Q: Audio won’t play through my phone’s speakers on iOS!

A: Make sure your phone isn’t in Silent Mode!
Silent Mode can be toggled on most iOS devices via the little switch on the side. The design choice to mute game audio in Silent Mode seemed a bit unintuitive to me honestly, but that’s how Apple set up the standard audio output for games for some reason, despite not muting audio in media apps and browsers. Weird, right?

Q: How can I access the pause/options menu in-game?

A: Long press in the bottom right corner of the game until the menu appears!

I didn’t want a pause button that would cover up or interfere with the gameplay at all, so it ended up being a little unintuitive to access. Let me know if you have any other issues with it though!

Q: Since this game is free and features no in-app purchases or ads, how do you make money off of this?

A: I don’t!

I created this game alone in like 2 months with essentially no budget as a fun little learning side project. I learned a lot making this and I hope you all enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed making it! I’m hoping this project will be something cool I can put on my resume, so maybe it’ll help land me a decent paying job somewhere, that’d be nice!

I’ll continue to fill out this page with more info as I get a better idea of what questions people have with the game!

Once again, if you don’t see your question or issue listed here, feel free to contact me!