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For this project, I was assigned to revise four of my projects from this semester. Here’s what I went with.

My Screensaver Game. You can try it here!

Screensaver Game

My Screensaver revision is what I ended up spending the most time on. Originally, this was just a screensaver of 3D colored spheres falling down, but I decided to revise it by transforming it into a video game where you dodge cubes while flying through space. It still functions as a screensaver if you don’t press anything, but if you press the left or right arrow keys, you’ll start playing. It’s a really simple game, but I think it’s pretty fun, and I love how it turned out aesthetically. You can try it out here, or view more info about it (including the source code) on the project’s Github page.

A random Christmas movie script that I generated.

Christmas Movie Script Generator

This project generates a random Christmas Movie script from an input text file containing a bunch of pre-existing Christmas Movie scripts. You can read more about how it works on its associated Github page. For this revision, I focused on making it look nicer by fixing the margins and adding a pleasantly festive Christmas boarder image. I also tried to filter out some of the less interesting Chapter titles, so they’re usually more entertaining now.

LigmaBot’s epic jokes

LigmaBot – A Twitter Bot that tells Ligma Jokes

LigmaBot is a twitter bot that randomly generates Ligma Jokes by combining random words and phrases into preset templates. For my revision of this project, I simply added more words and phrases into the mix to increase the overall variety. One of the more noticeable changes I made allows LigmaBot to use emojis now. You can find more about this project on its associated Github page.

Some new Glitch Art I made!

Glitch Art

For my Glitch Art project, I simply added two more new glitch images to the gallery. For one of these images, I tried a new technique of using Masking with Pixel Sorting. You can view the full gallery here, or see more about it on its Github page.


For my overall process of these revisions, I definitely feel like I spent way too long working on the Screensaver game, as I didn’t end up with much time left to work on the other revisions (especially the Glitch Art, I definitely wanted to do more there), but the Screensaver game turned out really nice, so I don’t mind the effort being a bit unbalanced like that.

My decision to revise these particular projects wasn’t very complicated: these were just the ones that I was able to think of neat ideas to iterate upon them with. I really like my Clock, for example, but I don’t think there was much that I could add to it without ruining the whole point of the concept. And, of course, the Bee Movie poetry is just perfect, definitely nothing that needed changing there, nope.

As far as general thoughts about the class are concerned, I really enjoyed all of this! I ended up making a lot of cool stuff, and I learned a lot in the process. My “personal goals” here really just boil down to that: making cool stuff, so I absolutely feel like I accomplished that.