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MAJOR BUFF October 2021 Progress Update: Stadium + Early Enemies!

I’ve decided to start posting mini progress updates, so here’s the first one! Today I’m just going to share some gifs of some neat things I’ve been working on lately for the game. Lately the focus has been on creating the game’s first actual enemies, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on today! There’s plenty I haven’t shared yet though that I won’t be getting around to in this update, so stay tuned for future posts. Anyway, here’s some gifs!


Of course, before I could create any enemies to battle, I needed a place to fight them, so I made this stadium as a fight testing area! This will hopefully make more sense in future updates when I create some more fight-y enemies.


I figured I should start simple with the enemies, so these guys basically just point at you and shoot. They pack a punch though! There are actually two variations here: the upside down one has a full 180° range of aiming, but the one on the ground has some neat looking bars at the top that restrict its aiming range to about 60°.

As you can see here, the turrets can actually be tricked into shooting one another!


I’ll show more of this enemy in a future update, but here’s a sneak preview. Try not to get beamed up!