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[Unity, PC] – MAJOR BUFF


MAJOR BUFF is my work-in-progress video game project created entirely by myself using Unity.

Check out the technical portfolio teaser below for the most recent preview of the game, highlighting relevant industry skills I’ve learned throughout the development of this project!

Creating this project has been a lot of work so far. I’ve been manually creating [almost] every asset, from 2D art/sprites, to 3D models, to music and sfx (using FL Studio), and, of course, lots of code as well. I’m really happy with how it’s going so far though, I think it’s starting to look pretty cool! If I had to guess, I’d say that I’m only about 10% of the way to having a full game the way I’d like it to be, but I’m happy with my work on the “foundation” of the game so far.

So what’s the game going to be?

Eventually, this will be a game where you can explore a variety of different planets in 2.5D action-platforming scenes, fighting aliens and collecting various items/upgrades. You’ll travel between these planets through the 3D space-flight scene, where you’ll be able to freely fly in a 3-dimensional environment to travel between worlds and battle against alien spacecraft. I have more detailed and in-depth ideas for concepts I’d like to explore with this game as well, but those are going to remain a secret for now!

So where’s it at now?

Right now I have basic character movement and animations mostly done (though some could still use some polish), for both the astronaut-based scenes and the space flight scenes. I’ve also modeled a few neat environment assets, and set up some simple physics objects to smack around and/or destroy. There’s still a ton more to do though, this project’s still in the extremely early stages.

Latest Updates

Sept 2022: Technical Preview video for Portfolio

Oct 2021: Stadium + Early Enemies



For information and credits for the handful of assets that weren’t made entirely by myself, check out the project’s credits page.

More details and updates coming soon!